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Laser Therapy for Skin

Treat yourself to the luxury of an exclusive, high-tech facial treatment, specially formulated for Low Level Light skin therapy.

Low level light skin therapy as an alternative to a face-lift.

This new formula tones up the skin and makes it appear younger and smoother. Acts quickly and effectively. the results can be seen after the first few applications.

The infrared penetrates deeply into the skin. The heated skin dilates the capillary vases and stimulates the circulation. Blood brings with it the necessary substances to nourish the human fabrics more quickly. The pores of the skin, as a result, are more open. The treatment works like a massage, and the use of infrared light allows for:

  • Elasticity of the skin
  • Cutaneous blood flow
  • Greater cutaneous oxygenation
  • Increase of the blood flow
  • Increase of cellular metabolism
Luce System LDS 100 Laser Hair Therapy

Low Level Light
Skin Care Therapy

State-of-the-art technology in skin treatment

effective - high-tech
skin treatment

Low level light therapy for hair restoration and skin care
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